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Don Orange is an experience to awaken all the senses.

Est. 2019

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Don Orange was created as a place to experience the exceptional tastes of Mexico through food, drink and shared moments. Located in historic downtown Redlands, we invite you to enjoy a great meal.

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FlavorfulTacos y Burritos


Indulgence in both food and drink, our menus feature numerous traditional, vegetarian, vegan and even keto options. Seasonally inspired recipes follow the scratch kitchen concept of Don Orange – we love exceptional food, with lots of variety to keep things unexpected.

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CocktailsTequila y Mezcal

Exceptional tastes is only half told with food. The perfect pairing of an aged mezcal to seared mahi-mahi is the exceptional recommendation we take pride in making. Explore the hand-crafted cocktails and exceptional spirits of Don Orange.